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In our latest episode, in partnership with ThinkLab, we interview Mike O’Neill, lead of data science research for the Gensler Research Institute, and Mitch Dalton, chief innovation officer at Core Spaces. O’Neill discusses shifts in how we currently use data, how that will change in the future, and which technologies will have the largest impact on the design industry. Dalton speaks about how to leverage data throughout the design and development process, and how designers’ inherent empathetic mindset can unlock data’s insights.


Want CEU credit for listening to a podcast? Yes, please! We’re elated to partner with the interior design research experts at ThinkLab to bring you the design industry’s very first IDCEC and AIA accredited podcast series!

In This Episode

An interesting take on the future effects of the shifting ways we use data, this podcast episode contemplates which technologies will have the greatest impact on the design industry. You’ll hear about how designers, as inherent empaths, can unlock data’s insights and strategies that leverage data during the design & development process.

Mike O’Neill

Dr. Mike O’Neill

Data Science Research Lead, Gensler
Global Researcher
Author of 3 books on how to use space design to reduce stress and improve performance. Co-author of the ANSI national ergonomic workstation standards. Adjunct Research Professor at Aix Marseille University Sciences. Board of Trustees for National University of Health Sciences.

Mitch Dalton

Mitch Dalton

Chief Innovation Officer, Core Spaces

Meredith Campbell

Meredith Campbell

Applied Research Strategist ThinkLab
Moderator of The Learning Objective, the first podcast for the architecture and design community where you can receive AIA/IDCEC CEU credit for listening on the go.