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Grant your clients an ideal balance of style and order - and boost your bottom line - in every project. Professional Organizer and Interior Designer Jeffrey Phillip has some tips and tricks for you.

Happy clients. Profitable projects. These are a couple of primary business objectives often stated by design professionals. Practical, on the other hand, is not among the typical short list of words we hear used to describe interior design goals. Professional Organizer + Designer Jeffrey Phillip might argue that it should be. While a dose of practicality may not necessarily sound like an ideal investment at the start of a new project, designers have a unique ability to tame the crazy, boost the happy and – you guessed it – increase their bottom line with even the smallest injection of expert organizing at the earliest stages in the design process. During our final 2021 Pipeline webinar, we’ll uncover how observational sensibility, livable efficiency and maintainable organization can positively impact your project’s purpose.

Jeffrey Phillip