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Want CEU credit for listening to a podcast? Yes, please! We’re elated to partner with the interior design research experts at ThinkLab to bring you the design industry’s very first IDCEC and AIA accredited podcast series!

In This Episode

What if we told you there exists an element so powerful that simply seeing it is linked to improved health? Regular encounters with this element have been shown to contribute positively to psychological well-being. In fact, studies suggest it offers greater mental health benefits than even green spaces. Its color is overwhelmingly favored by individuals worldwide. Moreover, approximately one-third of respondents claim their most innovative ideas emerge while interacting with it in the shower. Intrigued? This episode delves into the transformative influence of water—in its various forms and representations—on our well-being within the built environment.

Meredith Campbell

Meredith Campbell

Applied Research Strategist ThinkLab
Moderator of The Learning Objective, the first podcast for the architecture and design community where you can receive AIA/IDCEC CEU credit for listening on the go.